The perfect flavours for any occasion



Fresh Bread 5
Liming Platter [Shareable]  (Saltfish accra or Spinach fritters| BBQ or Jerk wings | Fried Plantain I Fried Cauliflower | Pepper Shrimp or Fried pork|veggies sticks)
 Saltfish Accra or Spinach Fritters served with Tamarind sauce or Pineapple Chutney 15
Yuca Fries served with rose or spicy aioli 12
Sweet Potato Fries served with lemon or spicy aioli 12
Sweet Fried Plantain 12
Caribbean Mango Salad 18
Chicken Wings  per lb (Jerk | BBQ Honey garlic| | Chadon beni| Sweet sorrel chilli/ Maple jerk| Coconut BBQ) 18
Maple Jerk or Pepper Shrimp 24

    Snacks - Burgers & Bakes

    Bake & Saltfish (Fried bake| salted cod fish| tomatoes| chadon beni| onions, garlic| lime juice| lettuce - Comes with crispy fries) 20

    Fried Bake &  Fillet Snapper or Fried Shark includes cucumbers, pickled red onions, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh pineapple, Tamarind sauce, Laz sauce - Comes with crispy fries 25

    Jerk Chicken Burger (Jerk chicken burger| Burger bun| lettuce| Creamy cole slaw -Comes with Crispy fries) add ons $3 Cheese 23

    Upgrade to sweet potato fries or fried plantain - (add 4)


         Braised Oxtail in Red wine 35
      Smoked BBQ Jerk Pork Ribs 32
    Smoked BBQ Jerk Chicken 29
    Pineapple Jerk Salmon 32
    Seafood Bacchanal (Lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, potatoes, broccoli Smothered in a Caribbean cajun butter sauce) 75
    Mains served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of :
    Oven Roasted potatoes, Rice and Peas, Coconut Steamed Rice, Mac Pie, or Spinach Rice


      Chicken Rasta Pasta (Jerk Chicken Alfredo - Mild) 20
      Shrimp Rasta Pasta (Jerk Shrimp Alfredo - Mild) 24
      Lobster Mac n Cheese (Creamy Mac & Cheese with Lobster meat) 30


      Chef's Special - Vegetarian 12
      Ask your server for today's special


      Dhal, Rice & Bhaji (Split peas dhal, Sautéed spinach bhaji with Gluten Free White rice) 25
      Curry Pineapple Paneer (GF) Served with vegetables, White Rice or Rice and Peas 27
      Cauliflower Steak (Chimichurri sauce | served with seasonal vegetables & spinach rice) 27
          Jerk Plant Base Burger (V) (Brioche bun | Lettuce| Tomatoes| Cucumbers| Red Onions) 25½


      Fresh Green Salad (House Dressing) 18
       Add on:
      Grilled Chicken Breast - 10
      Grilled Shrimp - 12
      Grilled Salmon - 12


      Grilled Chicken Alfredo 15
      Mac & Cheese with BBQ Beef Meatballs 15
      BBQ Chicken or Fried Fish (Basa) with Fries 15


      No Bake Rum Raisin Cheesecake 12 ½
      Cherry Brandy Bread Pudding 12 ½
      Baileys Chocolate Cake 
      13 ¾
      Caribbean Black Cake  12 ¾
         Cassava Pone  10
      Ice Cream (Coconut or Soursop) 10

      Lunch Specials

      Stew Oxtail 25
      Curry Goat 25
      Stew Chicken 20
      Stew Pork 20
      Stew Fish 25

      Served with Rice & Peas or White Rice or Spinach Rice | Sautéed vegetables & Salad